Friday, January 1, 2016

2016: The Year of Intention

Happy New Year, Friends!

Yay!  It's 2016!

I don't know about you, but I love the beginning of a new year.  It's a fresh start, a great time to update your goals, think about the things that went well the previous year, and shake off the things that may not have gone the way you wanted.  Sure, everybody talks about New Year's resolutions, but I'd like to think about it a little differently this year.

For me, I've decided that 2016 is the year of Intention.  I am choosing to be more intentional in the way I spend my time, and will work on wasting less time on the things that aren't important to me.   

Here's a quick exercise you can do if you want to live with more intention:

  1. Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle.
  2. On the left side, make a list of all the things you actually spend time on, with the thing you spend the most time on at the top.  Ie: Work, sleep, family, exercise, friends, social media, chores, watching TV
  3. On the right side, make a list of all the things you WANT to spend your time on.
  4. Compare the two lists.

I bet they are most likely inverse or very different.  To live your life more intentionally, find a way to make the "actual" list look more like the "want to" list.

Now I realize, some of these things aren't completely within your control, but with some focus, you can make a lasting change!  If you are intentional about how you're spending your time, your life will have a lot more meaning and be more fulfilling.

What is something you can let go of or say no (or yes!) to in 2016? Here are some of the things I plan to do this year:

  • I will spend less time on Social Media (I admit, I waste a lot of time just surfing Facebook and Instagram!). There are so many other things I can do that would be more productive and satisfying!
  • I will make time for movement each day. I know I feel better when I'm active, and I especially love yoga, so I will do more of it!!
  • I will spend more time with friends and family, being spontaneous. Sometimes I have a habit of being a homebody, which is okay, but it's all about balance.
  • I will make myself a priority, and focus on self care, including meditation, drinking lots of water and allowing time for creativity (like coloring in my coloring book!)
  • I will say NO to guilt! Life is too short to feel bad about things that really don't matter.

What about you?  Are you using this time to refresh your goals?  Do you have anything this year that you'll be focusing on this year?  Please let me know in the comments.

Have a great week! :)

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