Friday, January 8, 2016

Exploring The Power of Intention: Are You Happy In Your Job?

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One week into 2016!  How's the first week been for you?  If you set New Year's resolutions, how are they going?   

As I mentioned last week, 2016 is the Year of Intention for me.  To help me on my journey to be more intentional this year, I'm rereading Dr. Wayne Dyer's book "The Power of Intention" (it's a great book BTW, check it out!).   I first read this book a long time ago, but interestingly enough, as I was flipping through the pages, I noticed I had written a note at the bottom of one page.  (I have a habit of underlining, highlighting and making notes in books like this - helps to make the info "stick.")  

My note was written in a section of The Power of Intention where Dr. Dyer was talking about his daughter, who was struggling with what she wanted to do with her life, so he asked her what made her feel most purposeful and happy She loved teaching horseback riding to young children, but wouldn't go back to the barn where she had worked previously because she felt unappreciated, overworked and underpaid. He then told her to remain open to the power of intention and to stay alert for guidance that would come her way.  The very next day, she saw a sign that said "horseback riding lessons" with a phone number, she called it, and they were hiring teachers for trail riding with young kids, paying more than she was making before! Coincidence? Maybe...but maybe not!

So what was my note?  I had written "Wellness Coach/Life Coach - online."  Some of you may not know this, but up until I started my Coaching business in August of last year, I worked at a large corporation and had a background in Accounting/Finance for 20 years.  The fact that I have been thinking about this move to the unrelated field of Coaching for a long time, INTENTIONALLY, was just awesome to me (see more about my transition here)!  So I can't wait to see what comes out of my year of being intentional!

All of this got me thinking.  For so much of my life I was just going through the motions, moving from role to role based on what jobs opened up, and while I didn't HATE what I was doing, it still just wasn't my passion and I wasn't feeling fulfilled. I wasn't choosing what I wanted to do, but instead was just letting it happen. I've found that by being intentional and deciding what was the right move for me, I've made significant improvements in my life and happiness (and stress levels!!)

In the past 6 months, a surprisingly large number of people I've talked to have expressed that they aren't satisfied in their jobs (a lot of them are actually miserable), and would love to do something different. Maybe not as drastic change as I made, but they are feeling the need for a change. Change is hard though. And scary! Sometimes it feels safer to stay in a job that sucks the life out of you, just because you're used to it and that's comfortable.  But what if you could have a job where you could actually thrive and be inspired every day?? What you do every day really impacts your whole life.  If you're dissatisfied in your job it can spill over into your health, your relationships, your sleep, etc.

Seriously think about these questions for a few minutes (be intentional!):

  • Are you satisfied with what you're doing today
    • If yes, great!  Keep on keepin' on! :)
    • If not, think about the things you enjoy doing, whether it's certain things about your current job or the things you're passionate about in your life.  
  • If you could have any job at all, and not worry about finances for a moment, what would it be? 
    • Is there something that you're passionate about that you'd love to get more involved in?
    • As Dr. Dyer asked his daughter: What makes you feel most purposeful and happy?
  • If you could make a significant change with low risk, what would it be?
    • Would you quit your job and start your own business?  
    • Would you move to a different town, maybe to be closer to family? Or to be in the mountains, by the ocean, etc?
  • How do you feel when you think about these things?  
    • Does it make you feel excited or alive?
    • Does it give you hope to think about the possibilities?  

Making a change is scary, believe me I've been there.  But if you're really not happy in your job, it can really take a toll on the rest of your life.   Be intentional, think about what you really want, and if you make yourself open to change you never know what might happen! 

What would you do if you could do anything you wanted?  If you're struggling, I'd love to talk with you about it and help you come up with a solution (shoot me a note -  Life is too short to be miserable!!

Have a great week! :)

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