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Tuning In

Tuning not to Netflix (although, WTH Tiger King... Amiright?). Tuning into what you really need during these crazy days of COVID-19 quarantining.

I don't know if you're like me, but jeez, I feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster.  Some days I feel okay, some days really irritable, some days I cry a lot, and some days I just feel "off."   All of this is fine considering the situation of course (it's okay to not be okay), but I wanted to share a new thing I've added to my morning routine to help me tune into how I'm actually feeling and listening to what I really need.

While my brain tells me I need wine, chips, sweets, chilling on the couch, my HEART tells me that's not really the case.  At least not all day every day! (Don't get me wrong, there's definitely a time for some Graeter's ice cream or Doritos!)

I've broken it down into three questions and I write them down in my journal every morning:

  • How do I FEEL right now?  

  • What do I NEED??  

  • What can I DO? 

And because how I feel changes all the time (um, my mood changes 100x a day - just ask P! 😳), I've started to mentally do this exercise if I notice I'm going off the rails. I've been surprised by how much taking a minute to just notice, or tuning into those feelings, really helps me to navigate what I need.

I love journaling because it's a great way to connect to what I really feel. Take out a piece of paper and pen/pencil and write.  No judgement allowed, just tune in to what's really going on and write it out. If it helps, think of it as venting to a close friend who has your back.

Ask yourself these questions, and be real.

How do I FEEL right now?

  • How you feel can be multiple things: content, angry, anxious, sad, happy, guilty, lonely, frustrated, happy, scared, etc. Hint: "Fine" is not a feeling 💗

  • Where in my body do I feel it? Notice, even place your hands on those spaces.

  • Is there an event, a tangible moment in the past that I'm reliving or maybe something in the future that I'm anxious about? (Um, hello, everything??)

  • Acknowledge it, sit with it, breathe, notice if it ebbs/flows maybe even decreases.

What do I NEED today to feel good?

  • You know yourself better than anyone. Really tune in and really think about what it is that you need that will help you feel better.

  • This is unique to you and your situation, and will likely vary depending on the moment, so don't judge, just listen.

  • Maybe you're lonely and are needing connection with others, or you're overwhelmed and just need to make progress on something. Maybe you don't feel your best physically and your body just needs some love, or maybe you need some space to just be. And maybe it's a number of things, write it out.

What can I DO today?

  • Find something that's within your control and COMMIT to doing that thing, no matter how small. 

  • Productivity: clean, organize, complete a project that's been lingering (promise, it won't take you as long as you've been thinking it would!)

  • Connect with someone: schedule a time to call, Zoom, or Face time or if you're along and are craving touch, give yourself a BIG hug (it works!)

  • Physical: Move your body, make a healthy meal, drink more water, rest

  • Mental: If you're stuck in Groundhog Day, add something new to bring change to quarantine life, change of scenery, new hobby, or just get some fresh air!

  • Maybe that one thing isn't something tangible - if you're feeling grief over a loss (someone, an event that isn't happening, or grieving the life you had before Covid-19) give yourself the space and the grace to process what you're feeling.

Just taking a few minutes to stop and notice how you're feeling really can go a long way. Spend 10 minutes or an hour - up to you, just tune in and connect with what you're feeling and what you NEED during these strange times. And then take just ONE step today to give yourself that.  

Hang in there friends! And be patient with yourselves. If you need someone to talk to, please send me a note We're in this together! 💗

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